11 Nov 2016by Carmel_Agnisse

Trump: “Grabbing America By The Pu$$y”

Trump: “Grabbing America By The Pu$$y”

President Elect Donald Trump is the only man ever to win the US presidency with no political, diplomatic or military executive experience. He also has a catalogue of wild remarks, openly saying the following: “Laziness is a trait in blacks”, “America is going to hell”(because the NFL defended openly gay player) and “Women who get abortions should be punished” (There were many to choose from). Yet he convincingly beat Hilary Clinton who has 30 years’ experience in politics and was endorsed by 2 presidents and a first lady – not to mention endless celebrity endorsement. In actual fact as of late October, Clinton’s campaign spent $141.7million on adverts, compared with $58.8million for Trumps campaign, (according NBC News).

How did Trump win? He focused on his brand campaign

Below are 3 key areas Trump and his team excelled in, universal for all businesses:


Like it or not Trump didn’t claim to be anything he wasn’t, in fact he was pretty much what we all anticipated perhaps even worse! When creating a brand you have to be willing to follow your own path and have confidence through market research that your customer will believe in it too.

Stand out from the crowd

No one has had the audacity to come up with the rhetoric that Trump came up with, even if it wasn’t what you agreed with, you’ll have to agree that it was different from the usual offerings we’re often presented with. Unless your service or product is completely new, (most aren’t) taking the time to build a brand is all about being different from whats already out there, find your niche and run with it!

Emotional Connection

Fear, anger and hate were the emotions that Trump used to connect with his audience, when thinking of how to market your product or service, think of an emotive way to connect with your core audience, what are their desires? or loathes? Do your research and connect!!!



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