13 Nov 2016by Carmel_Agnisse

Social Media: God Send or Distraction

Social Media: God Send or Distraction

Social Media has provided a level playing field for all of us to have a piece of “the pie” we no longer have to find & plead with the gate keepers of industries, we just have to amass enough of a following and voila… we can create our own lane and offer our products and services, then the brands come running! (OK so it may not be that easy, but you catch my drift) social media in this instance has been a God Send for all who have strategically utilised it.

On The Other Hand: 

How often do you check your time line only to discover you’ve been scrolling for 20 mins? minutes of your life you just won’t get back! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and all the likes?? #RelationshipsGoals, #Girlboss #BodyGoals inevitably we can end up feeling like we’re not doing enough whilst everybody is doing better than us, even though we know all is not always as it seems we still get sucked in!!! Urgh!

FOR ME social media was as a distraction, I found myself literally unlocking my phone and my thumb scrolling for Twitter/Instagram on autopilot it was actually quite scary… especially as I had all these goals and seemingly no time, but was spending hours per week on social media. If you’re honest with yourself it may be the case for you too..

Ask yourself this – Do I have to be on all the platforms I’m on? When was the last time I had a digital detox? Can I go two weeks with no social media access? Try it – bet you’ll find yourself with ample time to get your shit done!

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