20 Dec 2016by Carmel_Agnisse

No Days Off!

No Days Off!

I love and hate those 3 short words, its somehow motivating and daunting at the same time!

Firstly, I agreed with the saying, then I swayed and started to agree that complete downtime was necessary, now I’m living it! No Days Off! Running your own business takes an extraordinary amount of self-discipline, alongside blood sweat and tears, particularly if you are a lone startup. Thats before you add all the other tangible talents required. This post isn’t to deter anyone, but more to give you an idea of the commitment levels required to make your business a success, and to stop people like myself for feeling guilty about never being able to switch off.

A successful business friend of mine likens business to going to war, you either succeed in your business or you die trying. Staying with that analogy Imagine being at war and asking for a break or some downtime for your well-being… unfathomable! So why do we think we can go against a system that relies on us to become employees AND have days off? It doesn’t make sense! Now I’m not saying that 24hrs a day 365 days a year should be spent working, but I am saying that you probably should be at least thinking creatively or learning your craft in more depth, daily. No easy feat!

Being at the helm of my Content and Communications agency requires me to completely understand, dissect and sometimes reconstruct brands. When out having dinner with friends I often find myself studying all the elements restaurants use to create a brand experience. I’ve come to learn that my business is an extension of me. This can cause problems if you create a business based around financial gain only, as the commitment and effort required doing something you don’t care for, daily, is perhaps giving yourself an extra and extremely unnecessary obstacle. I guess that’s why we are told to follow our passions and do what we love!

Don’t get me wrong of course we all need time away from our businesses, and well-being is important however similarly to having children and requiring a break from them from time to time, I don’t believe business owners actually ever truly switch off.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts?

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