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Business Resolutions for 2017

Business Resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year!!! It’s the season for change, not just within yourself but in your businesses, too! Have you set 2017 goals for your business yet? If not have a look a look at some guidelines below,

Make this year the best one yet for your business.

  • Build your Brand and target the right audience – Do people know why they come to your business? What do they know your business for? Who needs your product/service? Where do they shop? What do they spend their free time doing? Time spent creating a brand with specific values paired with customer insight will increase your profit.
  • Make sure your Website & Content is the best it can be – This is crucial for all businesses, but particularly crucial for businesses with no shopfront, as your website now becomes the only visual contact for your business. Make sure your website is responsive, remove outdated info, add relevant info and check for those pesky spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Social Media – Isn’t going anywhere, and should be taken into any business marketing plan. The platforms you choose should be dependent on your customer. Do you have an online presence? Update your social media, post regularly create a schedule if necessary.
  • Set time aside to go through your figures and cash flow weekly – Boring but necessary, at the end of the day, you’re running a business to make a profit. Create a spreadsheet with all your services, your costs/outgoings & money earned and be strict with it.
  • Business Audit – Take a closer look at your product/service, is something that isn’t selling as well? Have you seen an opportunity to enhance what you’re offering? Can your overall business strategy be improved?
  • Test New Marketing Strategies – Marketing strategies are not set in stone they are evolving documents, as are your consumers, keep trying
  • Vision and Goals – Remember the goals you have set your business for this year, keep checking that you are making the right decisions based on your vision.
  • Winners Don’t Quit! – No matter how difficult times get, even if your business is no longer selling, pivot go from a hair salon to a hair beauty salon, keep pushing, remember it takes about 10 years to become an overnight success!
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