12 Nov 2016by Carmel_Agnisse

Can Mums Be Successful Entrepreneurs?

Can Mums Be Successful Entrepreneurs?

We’ve all heard “what it takes” sleepless nights, early mornings, meticulous planning /organisational skills, patience, hard graft, having the confidence and conviction to do what you think is right in spite of pressures from others (including our nearest and dearest), spending less social time with friends, and a lot of passion and drive.

Well in that case mums are perfect for the role of an entrepreneur!

Sometimes, mums fall into self-employment by default instead of choice, mainly due to child care reasons, amongst other things. For the purpose of this piece let’s consider the possibility that that’s the wrong perspective, and let’s pay closer attention to the fact that the skills developed when baby arrives, has a lot in common with the skills required to start and build a successful company.

Full time mums are stereotypically tarred with the brush of being “a bit lazy”, and maybe even considered “non-deserving” for receiving handouts in “choosing” not to work. More crucially not having enough commitment to dedicate to a business. This view is harmful as not only does it take away from the role as a full time mum nurturing her household – but some people actually believe it to be true (even of themselves) and therefore do not explore an option or an idea they could have the perfect skills for.

I’m not saying that every mum can be an entrepreneur, nor am I saying entrepreneurship is easy, what I am saying is, if you’re a mum or mum-to-be that’s considered/considering self-employment and feel it’s not for you due to the fact that you’re a mum…. then I urge you to explore the option of setting up a business you’ll be surprised how you’re probably already mastering a lot of the skills required to do so!

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