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Stay In Your Lane: Lessons From Solange

Stay In Your Lane: Lessons From Solange

Solange had the the number 1 album in the US and we all felt a personal victory… because she did it on her own terms. Now lets face it scrolling through instagram can make most women feel a bit shit… but imagine being the younger sister of Beyonce…. Solange was a knocked up teenager at the height of Destiny’s Child whilst her sister just went from strength to strength. Yet she persevered and its paid off!

Sisterhood – Throughout Destiny’s child, before Solange created her own path she supported her sister and the rest of Destiny’s Child, note to us – be happy for others and help where you can, because we can all win!

Define your own terms of success – Comparison is the thief of joy!! I don’t believe Solange sits there comparing her accolades with others, and we shouldn’t either, because someone is always going to be smarter, younger, taller, prettier. You have to set your own goals and win in your own way, my goals will be different from yours and thats how its supposed to be!!

Stay true to yourself – Own it all, flaws and all! Solange comes across as a woman who is very self aware and happy within herself, that is priceless, you can see this in her sense of style, and personal life. Lets stop thinking we have to look and behave a certain way to be with the in crowd, we are all uniquely made.

Patience – If you only take heed of one of these lessons its this one, patience doesn’t mean do nothing and wait, in fact it means the very opposite, work hard and go get! Solange has been in the background, writing, recording for years, but her time is clearly now, we may be watching others succeed in areas we’re wishing for but as long as we stay ready our time will come.





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