11 Dec 2016by Carmel_Agnisse

Ladies Who Brunch

Ladies Who Brunch

A lot of cliques emerging under female empowerment are the same popular girls you feel wouldn’t invite you to brunch unless you have a large IG following.

We’ve all seen it, the popular pretty girls with cool jobs at all the trendy events, they all seem to know each other and “support” girlboss’ yet somehow what they think they stand for is the antithesis of how they come across. Unfortunately, some of us outsiders feel that the only way to increase awareness of what we’re doing is by trying to join the in-crowd and by leaving cringe messages in popular girl’s comments for us all to see, (I dread to think what’s going down in the DM’s).

This post isn’t to draw attention to said “popular girls” its more for us to have a look at ourselves, yes we do have businesses that a repost, or some other form of endorsement would bring credibility and maybe even some sales, but at what cost? (excuse the pun). Surely integrity and self-respect is more important than a fake stamp of approval? That’s what we should be praising, women who are unapologetically themselves, warts and all, women who stand for something, women who are kind to other women, women who do not hold other women in higher regard because of IG followings, women who generally support one another. We can’t control the behaviours’ of others but we can be more of what we want to see, let’s support each other even when there isn’t personal gain, let’s respond to all who reach out, let’s share and repost other women. Furthermore, let’s have faith that if we’re patient and work smart at the right time for us our opportunity will come along.

My dream is that one day they’ll be no need for female empowerment cos we’ll already have it.


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