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Welcome to Carmel Agnisse,
an Independent Brand Communications House with a focus on Customer Experience.
We use Neuroscience marketing methods to create, develop and enhance your business communications resulting in better engagement with your customers.
We Do Things Differently
We only work with a small select group of business clients and personal brands at any one time.
This Is Our Principle
About Us
We are a London based Brand Communications House specialising in crafting brand experiences that will set you apart from your competitors. At a time where business ideas are in abundance, the knowledge of how to tell your story, and understanding how to make your ideas resonate with your audience has become the most important strategy of all businesses, and thats where we bridge the gap. We use science to inform our creativity, and specifically work with independent clients who are ready for the next step. We are rich in experience when it comes to creating and developing brands, creating content and building state of the art websites whilst paying close attention to UX and UI design for the benefit of your customers.
Why You Should Work With Us
Our fundamental goal, is to help independent brands like yourself craft a memorable digital experience, this will ultimately enable you to attract and engage potential customers. Statistics show that 81% of shoppers conduct an online search before buying, this means that taking the time to develop a strong digital identity & user journey makes a difference to your profits. We strongly believe that If you’re not a brand, you you are a commodity, then price becomes everything, and the low cost producer is the only winner. So unless you’re the cheapest in your product/service, its essential you create a brand and give a reason for customers to choose you over your competitors. Everything we do is geared towards brand strategy and providing our clients with the most effective tools in order to connect with their core consumers. We do this by having an in-depth understanding of how the brain works, especially the limbic brain, which is the part of the brain that controls decision making. We use neuroscience methods in tangent with beautifully designed content & clear communications, paying close attention to the user experience. This allows for all your brand, content & communications to uniquely attract your specific target audience, separate you from your competitors and give you the best chance of consumers choosing your product or service.
We create brands, launch new ones, evolve existing ones and reinvigorate those that have lost their way, through creative design and engaging content.
What We Do


Our Brand Experts will work with you to create & develop your brand, whilst aligning your communications with your brand values for a consistent visual brand message to your audience.

Customer Experience

Our central focus is ‘experience economy’ We develop clean, modern, top of the range websites, strategically designed with your core audience in mind.

Graphic Design

We provide top quality Graphic solutions from logo’s to emotion evoking photography.

Web Design

We develop clean, modern, top of the range websites, strategically designed with your core audience in mind.

Brand Consultancy & Workshops

Think of us as your in-house Brand experts, we’re able to to help consult on your brand strategy and conduct private brand workshops for your business and staff.

Copy Writing

Our specialists are available to create written content for blogs, websites and anything else you may require. We understand the need for writing creatively with clarity and using key words that are SEO friendly, whilst attracting and engaging potential customers.

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